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Is Your Website Getting You New Leads And Patients Or Just Costing You Money?

9 Out Of 10 Dentist Websites Are Poorly Optimized And Losing Hundreds Of Potential New Patients!

Is your website leaking? Does your website need a revision? Is it “patient repellant”?

Here’s the real question: Is it bringing in new patients or just costing you money?

The unfortunate reality is that 95% of the people who arrive at your website, take a look and leave without ever setting an appointment. This means you’re missing out on patients!

Make A Grand Impression

You have one chance to make a powerful impression on a potential patient– it happens in the first few moments that they visit your site. Can you really afford to have a cheap, dated website, or one that is not setup to capture leads I.E. potential new patients?

But what if your website wasn’t just another expense on the financials and actually generated new business?

A modern, interactive website is one of the most important tools available to expand your practice. Think of it like this: It works 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, no matter what. When your office is closed, the website is still working. It’s 24/7 advertising!

Use Your Website to Get New Patients

Most dentist websites I look at miss one of the core fundamentals of successful marketing and I’m not just talking about the outdated cheap websites… I’m talking about Dentist Websites spending money on advertising and burning advertising dollars on a leaky website.

One of the best ways to use your website is to get new patients. You do this by collecting names and email address of potential clients. This gives you the opportunity to market to them again and again via phone or email with a follow up marketing strategy.

But how do you get more patients from your website?

We call it “giving them a reason why.”

Why on earth should they come to your dental office and not someone else’s?

Well, one reason…you give them a reason why. A properly optimized website will have banners strategically placed on the website giving away something valuable to first time patients. Things like a free cleaning, or 50% off whitening.

That one strategy alone could explode your practice with new appointments!

Existing Patients

You might be asking, well what about my existing patients?

Glad you asked :). Patient retention is enhanced by appealing to the interests of your patients. Using content and ongoing engagement – keep connected with them. This can be done via email newsletters, blog posts, and videos you place on your website.

Just imagine you have this all setup and automated. A potential patient visits your website and sees a banner to get a free teeth cleaning. They sign up for your email list to get the coupon and call to book their appointment.

Now they are on your email list and you can continue marketing to them and engaging with them. The best part?

You can automate all of it! With tools called autoresponders you can have content, newsletters, and even promotions mailed out automatically.

How cool is that?!

How To Fix Your Website

Look, the standard “contact us” tab on most dentist websites is a one off system; it is not designed to help you achieve your goal of systematically increasing your patient inflow.

If you want it done right it takes an internet marketing expert to help you see your current site clearly, objectively and guide you through the necessary changes to make getting new patients a breeze.

You can’t underestimate the value of an informed 2nd opinion about your website.

Our group has been optimizing websites for leads for practices like yours for over 10 years. We know exactly what brings you more new patients and what drives them away. Our focus is on helping your practice flourish.

You did not study and work so hard for so many years to learn about website optimization and online dental marketing. While we have none of your professional dental skills and experience, we absolutely know how to bring you more patients from your website.

Not only that, since we are specialists in strategic online advertising, we can boost the number of new leads 2, 3, 5 times, and even attracting more of the High Value Dental patients that you desire.

We can help you 10x the amount of new appointments you’re used to getting!

REMEMBER: the more appointments you get with targeted, ideal patients, the more you earn!

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